Corporate Buying Program


car drop-off program
With our car drop-off program, we can deliver your vehicle directly to your home or office, whether you have purchased a new vehicle or had a service appointment.

Loaner cars
Loaner cars are available for service appointment customers.

Prepaid Maintenance Plan
Available Prepaid Maintenance Plan, offering both convenience and cost savings compared to paying for each service as it is needed.

Monthly specials
Monthly specials are also announced on our website for new and certified pre owned vehicles.

complimentary car wash
Our complimentary car wash keeps your vehicle looking as clean as it did the day you first drove it off the lot.

secure a price quote
We can help you secure a price quote from a national insurance company for your vehicles.

Explore Our Corporate Buying Program
The Vehicle Purchase Program is a benefit program that allows affiliated company employees, their families and friends to purchase a Land Rover at a pre-determined price.

Whether you’re a new customer or have done business with us in the past, please give Land Rover Manhattan the chance to exceed your expectations and find the perfect luxury automotive fit for you.