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Why you're Never Alone in the Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

If you're a tech junkie, there's no doubt you've been following the progression of automotive technology within the past few years. Collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control and futuristic heads-up display (HUD) are just a few of the intelligent designs integrated into today's vehicles. Originally developed for military airplanes, HUDs have been utilized in cars since the late '80s, but the Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept technology is taking your reality and…

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Land Rover's New Take on High Performance

High performance sport vehicles are a highly sought after in today's market, but what makes a vehicle fall under that category? Most of us have an image in our heads of what a high-performance sport vehicle looks like but the lines are becoming blurred.

Land Rover plans to blow any idea of what makes a vehicle high-performance sport right out of the water.

A couple of weeks ago Land Rover presented the prototype version…

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Land Rover Travels to Yet Another Treacherous Landscape

Being a Land Rover model is not easy, with constant exposure to harsh and treacherous terrain.  However, these rides sure make it look easy, and good, as we showed off earlier this month here on our blog.

The last video we shared featured the LR4 climbing snowy Albanian mountains, and although the terrain looked tough the SUV handled the task easily.

This time around we thought we would heat it up with a video depicting a warmer climate: the arid deserts of Oman.

The 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque was the lucky ride to take to this new location…

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The Accursed Mountains are no Match for Land Rover

Here in Manhattan we do not have to deal with rugged and remote terrain, instead we are constantly greeted with flat city streets full of hustle and bustle.  However, it is truly nice to be able to get away and hit the road less traveled, and there is no better ride to do this with than a Land Rover model.

Recently, the Land Rover LR4 took to Albania and the Alps to show off its...

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